Hughes-Anderson designs and builds shell and tube heat exchangers. These heat exchangers are mainly used for the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries. Every exchanger they build is custom designed thermally, and if needed, mechanically.

Hughes-Anderson is a full-service company. As opposed to some firms in the industry which mainly serve as fabricators, engineers, and consultant. Their goal is to produce a high quality product, which is long-lasting and requires minimum maintenance.

Hughes-Anderson was created in 1971, but the experience of the company's principals dates back many years prior. The company was founded with a strong organization, thanks to the inclusion of skilled individuals. Their in-house expertise provides all functions for mechanical design, thermal rating, drafting, as well as shop fabrication.

The use a completely integrated thermal design by HTRI or their own program, mechanical design tied to their customized AutoCAD system for producing outline and shop drawings. As well as shop scheduling, time accumulation, job cost, and accounting functions.

To learn more about Hughes-Anderson, visit their official website. If you are interested in purchasing Hughes-Anderson products in the Louisiana or Southern Mississippi areas, please call us now at 225-292-6550.

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