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Heat Transfer Specialists of Louisiana, Inc. is a regional representative for Tulsa Heaters Midstream products. We've served our area since 1994, and are ready to help. Below you will find just a few products that we can offer. Need more information about our sales and services? Call us now at 225-292-6550. Or simply fill out the easy contact form on this page.

SHO Heaters

Tulsa Heaters Midstream SHO heaterThe THM SHO heater line was developed to provide 'custom-engineered' industrial quality products to customers that desire more than a commercial product. Consequently, it has the industrial quality, durability, and robustness that tolerates years and years of continuous use – without fail. Furthermore, unlike a majority of package heaters, every SHO line module (heater, CMS, and/or hot oil system) is custom engineered to satisfy each project’s specific requirements. And you get all of this in about half the time of a completely custom heater from a large heater company, at a fraction of the cost.

  • Every SHO heater is designed using API 530/560 fired heater guidelines as a base. These guidelines have been used for industrial heater design for more than 30 years, and ensure the heater is designed to the robust standards of the refining & petrochemical industries.
  • THM utilizes ultra low NOx burners without the problems of external flue gas recirculation. These burners allow us to guarantee the lowest NOx emissions in the industry, helping you meet or exceed local and state requirements.
  • Each SHO heater includes a custom-designed convection section. This section of the heaters allows us to maximize the heater’s efficiency. With guarantees at or above 85% in many cases, THM can help you save on fuel costs compared to other commercial heaters.
  • Tube spacing design is a critical component of heater design. THM uses the API guideline of ‘2D’ spacing, which allows for the most even distribution of heat to the coils - ensuring you get the longest life possible out of your heat medium.

HydroFlux Heaters

The THM HydroFlux heater line is the high quality solution for customers that desire more than an “off the shelf” product. The HydroFlux line, similar to other THM heaters, are custom engineered for your specific application using a set of predesigned models as the base, and include both indirect fired (with a coil) and direct fired (without a coil) options. With duties ranging from 0.25 MMBtu/hr to 30 MMBtu/hr, there is a HydroFlux heater that can meet your project needs.

Tulsa Heaters Midstream hydroflux indirect fired heaterHydroFlux Indirect Fired Heaters
Hydroflux heaters (also known as “bath heaters”) have been used in gas plants, pipelines, power plants, gas storage and transmission, and other applications.

Typical services for HydroFlux Indirect Fired (IF) heaters include:

  • Line heater (for natural gas)
  • Crude oil heater
  • Fuel gas heating
  • Gas vaporization
  • Gas dew point heating
  • Condensate stabilizing

This type of heater can be designed using bath mediums that help meet your specific project needs. Common bath mediums include:

  • Water
  • Water/glycol
  • Hot oil

Tulsa Heaters Midstream HydroFlux Direct Fired HeatersHydroFlux Direct Fired Heaters
Similar to the THM HydroFlux IF, the DF (or Direct Fired) model does not contain the process coil, and is used to heat fluids directly. Inside the heater, a weir is designed, along with level controls, to ensure that the firetube never goes dry. This model is used regularly in applications such as amine or glycol (TEG) reboilers, along with asphalt or tank heating.

  • THM utilizes API 12K as a guiding design standard for most applications. These guidelines have been used for industrial heater applications for more than 40 years and ensure the heater is designed to meet the latest industry standards.
  • THM offers a variety of burner options for the HydroFlux heaters, including both natural and forced draft burners. They also have a selection of burners that help you meet your emissions requirements, whether that means ultra-low NOx or standard emissions levels.
  • The HydroFlux IF (indirect fired) heaters include a custom designed process coil to meet your heater and hydraulic needs. This process coil can be designed to be fully removable if desired. Process coils can also be made using various metallurgies based on your specific project.

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