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TITAN Metal Fabricators

Heat Transfer Specialists of Louisiana, Inc. is a regional representative for TITAN Metal Fabricators products. We've served our area since 1994, and are ready to help. Below you will find just a few products that we can offer. Need more information about our sales and services? Call us now at 225-292-6550. Or simply fill out the easy contact form on this page.

TITAN Metal Fabricators Products

Titan Metal fabricators productTITAN Metal Fabricators is recognized as a leading manufacturer of custom-engineered Heat exchangers for the petrochemical, chemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, and steel industries. Their specialty is design and construction of corrosion-resistant processing equipment using reactive metals (Titanium, Tantalum, Zirconium, Niobium), High-Nickel Alloys (Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel), Duplex Stainless Steel and the 300 Series Stainless Steels.

Heat Exchanger Design Types

TITAN is an expert in the design and fabrication of corrosion-resistant Heat Exchangers that are specific to industry. Among the various types are:

  • Shell and Tube
  • Immersion Coils
  • Bayonet
  • Pipe in Pipe
  • Hairpin

They have developed specialized Heat Exchangers designed to meet specific needs based on the users and industries they are in. They include:

  • Chemical Heat Exchangers
  • Pharmaceutical Heat Exchangers
  • Steel Pickling Heat Exchangers
  • Oil and Gas Heat Exchangers

Titan Metal fabricators heat exchangerTITAN offers full thermal and mechanical designs based on the needs of the customer. Thermal designs and thermal checking are available using HTRI and AspenTech. TEMA type bonnets and closure designs are available.

Tube sheet and bonnet designs include loose-lined, solid, and explosive clad. Mechanical and hydro-expanded tube to tube sheet joints, seal weld, no weld, and strength welds available.

They manufacture pressure equipment in accordance with all major international design standards and pressure vessel codes. Manufacturing capacities for Heat Exchangers include diameters up to 120″ and weights up to 200 tons.

Benefits of a TITAN Heat Exchanger

Titan Metal heat exchangerA Heat Exchanger from TITAN:

  • Provides superior corrosion resistance
  • Minimizes process leaks
  • Eliminates of downtime due to equipment failure
  • Is cost competitive


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