Hairpin Heat Exchangers

Hairpin Heat Exchangers

Heat Transfer Specialists of Louisiana, Inc. has supplied hairpin exchangers to the Louisiana and Mississippi industrial markets for over 25 years. We are ready to help. Below you will find just a few products that we can offer. Need more information about our sales and services? Call us now at 225-292-6550. Or simply fill out the easy contact form on this page.

Heat Transfer Products

Hairpin Heat Exchangers can be specialized or standard equipment supplied to refineries, industrial facilities, and chemical companies worldwide. These technologies are designed to reduce energy costs, improve thermal efficiency, and reduce the need for maintenance.

Koch Heat Transfer HairpinHairpins & Double Pipes
Unique closures allow for more economical and efficient designs.

Enhancement Devices
There are times when tube insert technology is required, resulting in more reliable and optimized thermal and hydraulic solutions. With a variety of options, HTS customizes budget conscious designs that fit heat transfer needs. Tube inserts are an inexpensive option to increase tube side thermal coefficient for an overall increase in performance. This particular insert provides benefit due to its induction of swirl flow.

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