Hairpin Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchanger Design, INC

Heat Exchanger Design, Inc. can supply Hairpin exchangers and replacements for any competitor’s exchanger. Our standard line of heat exchangers includes, but is not limited to: HAIRPIN (Double Pipe & Multitubes), SHELL & TUBE (Bare & Finned Tubes), FUEL OIL LINE & SUCTION HEATERS, CHILLERS, CONDENSERS, TANK HEATERS, ECONOMIZERS, & SPECIAL APPLICATION heat exchangers.

Heat transfer products

Hairpin Heat Exchangers can be specialized or standard equipment supplied to refineries, industrial facilities, and chemical companies worldwide. These technologies are designed to reduce energy costs, improve thermal efficiency, and reduce the need for maintenance.

Hairpins & Double Pipes

Unique closures allow for more economical and efficient designs. These exchangers provide true counter-current flow and are especially suitable for extreme temperature cross, high pressure, high temperature, and low to moderate surface area requirements.

Tank Heaters

Heat Exchanger Design, Inc. manufactures many different types of Tank Heater including, but not limited to U-Tube, Stab-In Heaters, Flat Bottom Coils, Helical Coils both in plain and fin tubes. Most coils pass through 20 in. manways but could be modified to different sizes base on the proposed application.

Enhancement Devices

There are times when tube insert technology is required, resulting in more reliable and optimized thermal and hydraulic solutions. With a variety of options, HTS customizes budget conscious designs that fit heat transfer needs. Tube inserts are an inexpensive option to increase tube side thermal coefficient for an overall increase in performance. This particular insert provides benefit due to its induction of swirl flow.

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